Information Technology Division


Information Technology Unit

As a Department and the Co-operative Movement, the main objective of this Unit is to use Information Technology to achieve the expected objectives effectively and more productively and to give an efficient service to the service recipients.

Our Main Activities

  1. Implementing POS System Project tasks.
    • Requirements gathering and analyzing
    • Preparing letters, proposals, reports, documents, action plans, criteria, minutes, …
    • Arranging meetings
    • Coordinating with MPCS through provincial departments
    • System UAT testing
    • Selecting IT vendor through TEC and CPCM decisions
    • Coordination with selected IT vendor and implementing POS system
  2. Implementing integrated solution for Micro Finance System Project tasks.
    • Visiting random rural banks
    • Requirements gathering and analyzing
    • Further will decide in future
  3. Developing official website of the department internally.
    • Developing, testing, hosting and version controlling of English medium website
    • Developing, testing, hosting and version controlling of Sinhala medium website
    • Developing, testing, hosting and version controlling of Tamil medium website
  4. Developing small software applications for department internally when they are needed
    • Legal Case Management System
    • Item Prices Management System
    • Internal memo & task management system
  5. Implementing Networking System in the Department.
    • Planning and designing network structure
    • Preparing letters, proposals, reports, documents, action plans, criteria, minutes, …
    • Doing procurement activities
    • Selecting vendor and implementing network.
  6. Doing designing works such as backdrop, cover pages, banners, posters, invitation cards and other art works.
  7. Preparing documents, reports and proposals for the IT projects.
  8. Checking IT division mails and replying mails with the permission of the IT division head.
  9. Creating reporting and data templates for department works when they are needed.
  10. Data collection and Database Management
    • Staff Database
    • Line department - Collecting societies information via google sheet
    • Field officers running chart management via google sheet
  11. Managing electronic devices and softwares of the departments
  12. Attending meeting to represent IT division for computer related works.
  13. Arranging online meetings on behalf of department.
  14. Managing webserver.
  15. Updating website content ( [news, banners, downloads, galleries, contents…]
  16. Managing department official Facebook Account.
  17. Coordinating with internal and external parties to do relevant works of IT division.
  18. Providing initial (Temporary) solutions for network and computer hardware related issues. Then, coordinate with technicians to fix electronic devices issues.
  19. Doing other IT division tasks when they needed.
  20. Providing IT support to department staffs.
  21. Providing technical support to account division when electronic devices procurement
  22. Implementing Info Coop Project tasks (previous project)
  23. Managing Info Coop project files (previous project).

For More Details

Mr. K.M. Inaamul Hassan

Assistant Director (IT)

Telephone: +94 11 2320694

Mobile: +94 77 3543173

Fax: +94 11 2478286

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