Development Division


Our Scope

  • Development activities related to the department and Provincial Commissioners’ Offices.
  • Preparation of the action plan and corporate plan and progress review.
  • Conduct of annual performance competitions.
  • Preparation and dissemination of the annual statistics report and the department performance report.
  • Provide information of the departments for external institutions as required.
  • Fulfilling the training needs of offices of the department.
  • Maintaining and coordinating the media unit.
  • Conducting national and international co-operative trade exhibitions.
  • Holding international co-operative day festival.
  • Implementation of the co-operative village project.
  • Activities pertaining to rice import
  • For development activities of co-operative societies,
    • Conducting programs to improve business knowledge
    • Implementation of activities relevant to obtain financial provisions for projects submitted timely.
    • Mediation at national needs.
    • Coordination with national and international organizations
    • Coordination of education and training.

The guidance will be given here for the projects commenced by the Department of Co-operatives and the programs implemented for the purpose of achieving objectives of Co-operative societies. For that purpose

  • Guidance and co-ordination
  • Preparation of project reports
  • Assist in introducing and implementing periodic projects.
  • Implementation of national development programs.
  • Planning and organization of sales promotion programs.
  • Take necessary measures to provide essential services in emergencies.
Method of identifying project needs

The projects relevant to the Co-operative sector which are contributing to the national development are implemented by the Co-operative Development Department. The projects that can be planned to provide items or services that contribute to the development of the country, relevant to the present economic environment, conformity to the financial ability of the Society, taking maximum from the resources of the Society and giving satisfactory service to the customer.

Matters for which attention should be paid in planning of projects by Co-operative Societies / Associations
  • Identifying needs.
  • Preparation of the Feasibility report that it is suitable for the membership, environment, economic, technical, management and financial capabilities.
  • Planning of the project and monetary forecast.
  • Preparing project report in formal manner.
Documents that should be submitted with the completed project form
  • Request letter from the Society. (02 copies)
  • Reports including the Decision of the Board of Directors and decisions of the general meeting (02 certified copies)
  • Fitness report and the estimate. (02 copies)
  • Whether it complies with the development plan of the society.
  • Financial report.
  • Profitable analysis.
  • Project report.
Other services, provided to co-operative institutes
  • Providing instructions and facilities for the use of modern technology. (Using computers paying credit cards)
  • Co-ordinating programs for exchange of experience.
  • External co-ordinating activities

Statistics and reports Section

The duties are co-ordination with relevant sections, steering and assessment in order to implement the relevant activities at an optimum level according to annual plans devised to maintain the functioning of the Department regularly and productively.

For that,

  • Devising of strategic plan and annual action plan by combining the sectoral plans of the institution
  • Quarterly progress review, analyzing and planning future activities according to the action plan
  • Collecting data for statistical report, analyzing and preparing the report
  • Collecting data for performance report, analyzing and preparing the report
Statistical report

This report is issued annually, including membership of the Registered Co-operative Societies and Associations, Management, Employment, Performance, Assets and Liabilities etc. By that,

  • Take decisions in co-operative movement.
  • Take decisions in national level development activities.
  • Higher educational needs
  • Understand variations in economic environment
  • Provides necessary information for national policy planning
Performance report

The report is issued annually including details of the duty of the Department, utilization of physical and human resources, sectoral progress according to the plans, top level co-operative associations and co-operative societies island wide.

Annual action plan

According to State Financial Circular No 01/2014, the organizational structure of the Department, staff, annual performance, financial requirement plan, and the procurement plan are prepared every year.

Providing information on Co-operative Movement for publications issued by institutions such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Department of Census and Statistics, and providing data for other cooperatives and state institutions and coordination.

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