Society Division

Promotion of Co-operative Societies / Federations

Our duty is to provide assistance, guidance and co-ordination to upgrade the Co-operative Movement which is recognized as the third power of national development using new technology and methodologies for the future activities.

Our scope

Acting as the government coordinator for Co-operative Societies / Federations

  • Acting as the government coordinator for Co-operative Societies / Federations
  • Strengthening co-operative societies / federations and intervening for good governance
  • Assisting for operation conforming to co-operative policies and values
  • Coordination between outside persons / institutions
  • Assisting the development activities of societies / federations
To achieve the objectives

Society promotion division is functioning for continuous existance of the movement and achieving new development aims. Guiding the officials of the Department for operation of Societies in compliance with the Co-operative Act in order to achieve the objectives of societies and federations and contribute and assist to introduce the strategies.

Activities for that purpose
  • Taking actions to organize and register co-operative societies / federations
  • Registration and amendment of interim constitutions of societies/federations.
  • Joining and dividing co—operative societies/federations
  • Assist the functioning of the society / federation as a friend and a guide.
  • Providing guidance for needs in business, management systems, social relations with instructions given to the management of society/federation.
  • Assist to protect the rights for the members and the public.
  • Guidance to conduct societies in accordance with Co-operative Law and internal rules and regulations
  • To provide the support to update the accounts of societies / federations
  • Continuous auditing in societies/federations
  • Organizing and directing activities relevant to co-operative education, training
  • Co-ordination of provinces and other institutions
  • Cancellation of registration
Registering Co-operative societies/ federations
Benefits entitled
  • Entitled to a legal personality for co-operative societies / federations
  • Opportunity to enjoy benefits and rights as a co-operative society / federation
  • Getting organizational feasibility.
Organizing Co-operative societies/federations

A Co-operative Society must be organized before registration. In order to register the co-operative organization as a proposed society / federation by the Co-operative Society Registrar, it should be confirmed that activities of the society / federation have been effectively and efficiently conducted.

For primary societies

Requests can be made for registration after fulfilling the basic qualifications to start a co-operative society on the co-operative policies joining a group of persons directly (at least 10) .

  • At least ten members should sign this application.
For secondary societies

Requests can be made by primary societies (at least 3), started to fulfill the needs of the membership can joint as a secondary society and form a co-operative society. Requests should be made for registration in compliance to the specimen application introduced by the Department of Co-operative Development.

Requirements for registration in the above mentioned societies
  • 02 copies of the proposed Interim Constitution prepared and passed by the Co-operative society/federation.
  • A certificate from the board of directors of the society to the effect that the proposed Interim Constitution complies to the Act and Rules.
  • Copies of minutes of general meeting formally met with the quorum (The temporary board of directors is a set of officials appointed to form the society and to accept the Interim Constitution formed by that should be mentioned in the minutes)
  • Report certified by the board of officers of the Society on behalf of the members of the society for the ability to maintain the Society firmly (A brief description of the whole membership, nature of capital, occupations, lands / buildings / crops in the purview).
  • From the beginning, the progress report of the Society / federation up to the time the registration is requested to by the Society.
  • Bio data of Board of Directors (name, age, address, employment, educational qualifications)
  • List of names of those who attended the general meeting of the Society
  • Data required for the exchange of information, including telephone numbers of the association / union, postal address and address
  • A certificate on financial custody
  • Recommendation of the Co-operative Development Officer with the economic fitness report on the feasibility of the society/federation

Membership can be obtained in terms of the provisions in the Interim Constitution

  • Membership can be given to any person in terms of the Interim Constitution of the relevant Society.
  • When giving membership to a person is rejected the person can make an appeal to the Registrar and the decision of the Registrar in that regard is the final. If a society fails to recruit as a member, an appeal may be made to the Registrar, and the Registrar's decision is final.
Services provided by the Department after registration
  • Providing advice and supervision by Co-operative Development Officers.
  • Giving financial management instructions needed for good governance, development management instructions, personal management instructions and legal instructions.
  • Annual auditing.
  • Settlement of disputes and investigations.
  • Guiding, recommending and advising on projects that are to be accomplished to achieve targets.
Interim Constitution of a Co-operative Society

Interim Constitution is the internal series of laws of a co-operative society. After that Interim Constitution is accepted by the general meeting and after the Co-operative Registrar registered that it is legally empowered.

Series of Committee orders

The Committee orders can be imposed comply to the Co-operative Act, Rules and Interim Constitution accepted by the Society to conduct the activities the Society. Amendment of Interim Constitution

Amendment of Interim Constitution
  • Removal of a registered Interim Constitution, changing and preparation of a new Constitution are considered as amendment of Interim Constitution.
  • Amendment should be done in terms of the Rule 33 of the series of Rules and the amendment is not valid until it is registered.
The following documents should be submitted at an Interim Constitution amendment
  • A copy of the notice calling for the General Meeting.
  • Agenda of the general meeting.
  • Minutes of the general meeting where the Interim Constitution was passed
  • Attendance sheet of the General Meeting
  • Statement to which the Chairman and the Secretary of the society has signed that the constitunal amendment was made legally (in terms of Rule 33) 02 copies of proposed Interim Constitution amendments.
  • Registered Interim Contusion of the society.
  • Recommendation of the Co-operative Development Officers.

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