Operation Unit

Operations division

This Division has been established under the supervision of the Co-operative Development Commissioner to assist the Commissioner of Department of Co-operative Development to ensure the smooth and effective fulfillment of the activities of all sections of the Department of Co-operative Development.

Our Duties

  • Conducting discussions related to Department’s subject matters
  • Looking into progress of the work in the Department
  • Discussing problems, objectives with Co-operative Devevlopment Commissioner on facilitating the functions of the divisions
  • Coordination of divisions
  • Assisting the activities related to the projects implemented by Department
  • Exchanging information and conducting discussions related to the co-operative field with external institutions

For more details:

Mrs. M.R. Priyantha Peiris,
District Officer ( Operations),
Telephone : 011-2447974
Fax: 011-2330705