IT Divison

Information Technology Unit

As a Department and the Co-operative Movement, the main objective of this Unit is to use Information Technology to achieve the expected objectives effectively and more productively and to give an efficient service to the service recipients.  

Our main activities,


  • Providing necessary assistance to perform activities of the department using Information Technology.
  • Providing assistance to carry out departmental work expeditiously through computer networking
  • Keeping the website of the Department up-to-date and the making it available as a way of obtaining necessary information and services for co-operative societies.
  • Establishing an information network connecting all co-operative societies and installation of a data system with all the data and information and keeping it up-to-date.
  • Intervention to provide IT knowledge required by the Co-operative Movement.


For more information: 

Mr. Chandana Fonseka,
District Officer ( Information Technology),
Telephone no :- 011-2447975
Mobile no:- 071-4324725
Fax:- 011-2478286