Our role is to identify the needs for achieving objectives for the development of Co-operative Movement and planning them, organizing, researching and grant provisions for implementation of those development activities through a joint access and co-ordination with relevant sections, steering and assessment in order to implement the relevant activities at an optimum level according to annual plans devised to maintain the functioning of the Department regularly and productively.

Our Scope

  • Development activities related to the department and Provincial Commissioners’  Offices.
  • Preparation of the action plan and corporate plan and progress review.
  • Conduct of annual performance competitions.
  • Preparation and dissemination of the annual statistics report and the department performance report.
  • Provide information of the departments for external institutions as required.
  • Fulfilling the training needs of offices of the department.
  • Maintaining and coordinating the media unit.
  • Conducting national and international co-operative trade exhibitions.
  • Holding international co-operative day festival.
  • Implementation of the co-operative village project.
  • Activities pertaining to rice import
  • For development activities of co-operative societies,
      • Conducting programs to improve business knowledge
      • Implementation of activities relevant to obtain financial provisions for projects submitted timely.
      • Mediation at national needs.
      • Coordination with national and international organizations
      • Coordination of education and training.

 The composition of the development division,

For more details:
Mr. G.G. Dayasumana
Assistant commissioner (Development)
Telephone : +94 11 2436852
Fax : +94 11 2436852