Legal Division

Our role is to provide solutions, guidance and advice for the legal status comes under the powers and the scope of Registrar of the Co-operative Societies. 

Our Scope

  • Registration of societies /Unions
  • Amending the by-laws of the co-operative societies
  • Combination and separation of assets and liabilities
  • Cancellation of the registration .
  • Interpretation on sharing profits. 
  • Legal issues regarding auditing and testing.
  • Legal issues regarding trials (46-1 trials)
  • Liquidation
  • Solving disputes and empowering courts.
  • Interpretation Issues on general meetings, appointing officers and membership.

Legal Statues

Co-operative Societies Act No.5 of 1972 read with the Amendment Acts No.11 of 1992 and No. 32 of 1982 and Co-operative Society Regulations of 1973 has granted legal authority to execute these functions. 

Solving the Disputes of a Co-operative Society

A Contradiction/Controversy arises among parties of a registered Co-operative Society with regard to a claim is a dispute.

Types of disputes could be arisen in a co-operative

  •   Financial
  •   Non financial

Financial Disputes

  • Loosing finance or goods.  
  • Neglecting payment of loans.
  • Losses due to breaking of agreements.
  • Receiving and spending  illegal payments .

Non Financial
Legal issues arisen under Co-operative Law, Regulations or By-Laws

Parties that could direct a dispute to the registrar

  • BY The committee of a registered Co-operative Society
  • By a registered co-operative society as per a decision adopted at its general meeting
  • By a  party related to the dispute.
  • In case of a dispute regarding a due amount of a committee member or other officer of a registered co-operative society by any member of a co-operative society.

Procedure of directing to solve a dispute (role of the society)

  • Identification of the reason for the dispute (through a primary investigation).
  • Obtaining the decisions of Board of Directors.  
  • Preparing and sending Letters of Demand.
  • Taking decision to refer for arbitration as per the responses.  
  • Appointing a legal representative.
  • Referring for settlement.

Documents to be submitted in directing a dispute to the department

  • Application requesting a conferment
  • Certified copy of board of directors’ report.
  • Certified copy of the letter of demand.
  • Certificate that proves the letter of demand has been sent.
  • Letter of power delegation by the legal representative.
  •  Fee of arbitration.

In case the party is not satisfied with the conferment of an arbitrator, can appeal the Commissioner of Co-operative Development and The Registrar of Co-operative Societies within 30 days from the date of giving conferment (decree). 


  • Appeal should be in writing
  • Indicating reasons clearly
  • Clemency of the appeal
  • Appealing fee

For further details:
Assistant Commissioner (Low and investigation)
Tel: +94 112478373
Fax: +94 112436852

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