Project and Marketing Division

Our role is to provide necessary guidance required for the projects and programmes implemented with the view of achieving the mission and objectives of Co-operative Societies. 

Our Scope

  • Guidance and Co-ordination
  • Introducing new projects and giving assistance to implement them.
  • Implementation of National Development Programmes.
  • Making arrangements and organizing the implementation of Marketing Promotion Programmes.
  • Taking measures to provide essential service at emergency.  

Method of Identifying Project Requirements

Special attention is drawn to identify the projects of co-operative field relevant to the National Development. Projects that can contribute for the development of the country, get the maximum usage of resources as suitable for the present economic environment  and  compatible with the financial capacity of the society, get the maximum usage of the resources of the society and plan to produce products  and services that satisfy consumers are identified in this process.    

Projects implemented on behalf of Co-operative Movement
Projects implemented for the development of the country on behalf of Co-operative Movement.

Cooperative super market network

Co-op city - 402
Mini co-op city shop - 1200
Mega co-op city shop - 16 

Cooperative hospitals

Matara Cooperative Hospital Ltd.

Province Hospital
Southern Province Galle Cooperative Hospital Ltd
Southern Province Matara Cooperative Hospital Ltd
North Western Province Kurunegala Co-operative Hospital Ltd. (Kurunegala Co-operative Hospitals Society Ltd.)
Central Province Nuwaraeliya Multi Purpose Co-operative Societies Hospitals Ltd. (Nuwaraeliya Multi Purpose Co-operative Societies Ltd.)
western Province Gampaha Co-operative Hospital Ltd. (Gampaha Co-operative Hospitals Society Ltd.)
western Province Siri Sanda Suwa Sevana Hospital, Nittambuwa (Attanagalla Multi Purpose Co-operative Societies Ltd.)
western Province Kotahena Co-operative Hospital Ltd. (Kotahena Co-operative Society Ltd.)
North Central Province Anuradhapura Multi Purpose Co-operative Societies Hospital Ltd. (Anuradhapura Multi Purpose Co-operative Societies Ltd.)
Eastern province Eravur Co-operative Hospital (Eravur Multi Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd.)

Fuel stations & other services

  • Funds are granted to number of island wide filing stations maintained by Co-operative Societies as income generative projects.
  • Introducing insurance services and leasing services with the objective of providing services such as life insurance and vehicle insurance.  
  • Further, providing the services of leasing facilities    

Manufacturing Projects

  • Printing and manufacturing of stationery and exercise books
  • anufacturing Siesta coir mattresses and coir products
  • Coconut products
  • Manufacturing tea
  • Flowers and plants

Special Projects

  • Nena Shakthi School Programme            

“Nena Shakthi” programme was introduced to the co-operative field in 2013 restructuring the presently implemented School Co-operative Societies witha new outlook. The objective of this programme is to create a generation of students with co-operative values and fairness leaders with Co-operative entrepreneurship qualities.  It has been expected take a new approach to convert the student to a citizen appropriate for the future socio economic background and a person engaged in social mobilizing through this programme.

Requirements for new projects

  • Make clear desired need  .
  • Prepare feasibility report on the appropriateness of your project in socio environmental fields and economic,
  • technological, management and financial capabilities.
  • Plan the project and financial forecasts.
  • Prepare the project report regularly.

Documents to be forwarded with the completed application for the project

  • Request letter of the society. (two copies)
  • Decision of the Board of Directors and decision in the minutes of the general meeting (certified copies)
  • Eligibility report and the estimate (two copies)
  • Whether the project is consistent to the development plan of the society
  • Financial report
  • Economical analysis
  • Project Report

Other services provided to Co-operative bodies

  • Provide advice and facilities to use new technology (Using computers and make payments by credit cards )
  • Sharing experience and co-ordinate programmes
  • Co-ordinating other affairs


For further details:
Mr. K.M.M. Chaminda 
Assistant Commissioner (Admin/Project)
Tel+94 11  2478373
Fax: +94 11 2330705

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