About Us

  • Activity as a coordinator between the government & the cooperation.
  • Propagation of cooperative business.
  • Maintenance of good governance & strengthening cooperative societies.
  • Conduction of cooperative societies along cooperative policies.
  • Coordination between institutes & external parties related to cooperative service.
  • Assisting the government in development projects launching.

There are special cooperative policies & etiquettes improved with the historical development of the cooperative business, thus were reputed internationally. Our vision & mission will make effects in accordance with these policies.

Cooperative Policies
  • Volunteer & open membership.
  • Democratic Governance of Members.
  • Volunteer & open membership.
  • Democratic Governance of Members.
  • Independence and Freedom.
  • Education ,Training and Information.
  • Social (Community) Concern Co-operation among Co-operative organizations.
Cooperative Values

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